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Audac CMA144/B

Antall på lager:
 ink. mva.

480,-   eks. mva.


CMA144/B Audac  Audac CMA144/B
CMA144/B Audac  Audac CMA144/B

The CMA144 is a cluster mounting set, allowing assembly for 4 pcs of ATEO4 speakers to any ceiling. This solution is designed for applications in large open indoor spaces where a uniform sound dispersion in all directions is required. Some typical application examples are sports facilities, gym's, large warehouses, hallways, and many more.

The CMA144 is constructed of solid steel and comes fully assembled, including pole and ceiling mount. The distance to the ceiling measures 360 mm and the pole allows cable integration, so a clean and elegant solution is offered.

The tilted mounting plates in combination with the Clevermount™ bracket structure allows optimal directional placement in any application.

The CMA series also come in a 2 speaker model (CMA142), allowing mounting of speakers in both opposite directions and are available in both Black (/B) or White (/W) colours, to match the speakers colour and blend in with the environment.

The CMA144 comes delivered excluding the loudspeakers.

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