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Caymon FCI104 6U APIS Flightcase


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FCI106/B Caymon  Caymon FCI104 6U APIS Flightcase 542x219x545
FCI106/B Caymon  Caymon FCI104 6U APIS Flightcase 542x219x545

The FCI106 is a modular rack system for professional equipment handling, allowing storage for 19” equipment up to six rack spaces which compliant to the ANSI/EIA RS-310D, DIN41491 and IEC60297 standards for 19” equipment installation.

It offers a flexible solution for carrying your gear in a convenient and secure way to your job. Multiple FCI units can be combined together in matching trunk cases for transportation, while storage and usage is possible when removed from the transportation cases. The construction is made of high-quality 15 mm plywood materials finished in a durable and scratch resistant EPDM paintwork. Its front and rear covers are removable through firm slam locks. Mounting of the equipment can be done on both front and rear side using the perforated rack rail with punched holes and cage nuts. Ergonomic carry handles offer easy carriage of the system while a rear side cable inlet allows everything to be connected while the rear cover is attached. Optimal ventilation is guaranteed through open sides.

The inside usable depth measures 400 mm from profile to profile, with a maximum depth of 430 mm. Superior durability is guaranteed through Penn-Elcom® slam latches.

Product Features
Dimensions542 x 308 (311) x 545 mm (W x H (incl. feet) x D)
Max. usable depth(profile to profile) 400mm ~ (Max depth) 430 mm
Construction15 mm high-quality plywood
FinishDurable & scratch resistant textured EPDM paintwork
Handles2 x Integrated ergonomic carry handles (front)
Latches4 x Mini slam latch (L2455)

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